Meet the family
Keren Davis
Keren is a professional singer and as such banned Adam from all forms of singing as part of his marriage vows. She is currently choirmistress at Holy Trinity Church and also teaches both privately and for her local borough.
On getting married to Adam she did the only wise thing - immediately travelling to the United States to perform in a three month tour of Lehar’s Merry Widow.
Tic-tac makes no excuses for being very much Adam’s cat.
Adam Davis
When not sitting around in Foreign Parts drinking strange shaped glasses of beer, Adam can mostly be found doing fairly amazing development work for Centric Telecom, a UK based business ISP.
Adam seems to spend far too much time either messing around on his Apple Macintosh computer or messing around in his somewhat addictive TVR motorcar - often to the despair of his beloved wife. He is currently Regional Organiser for the Middlesex TVR Car Club.
Smartie spends most of his time perfecting the art of sleeping upside down.